Sinle post : PPC changes for October

PPC changes for October

Every month, John Rampton writes an article on changes being made in the PPC space.  His article on the Search Engine Journal can be found here.  It makes sense, he’s the founder of  What interesting this month is that there are finally some much anticipated changes happening.

Rampton chooses to write about Dynamic Search Ads, Adwords Express (and how it’s available now in the UK and Germany), Google +1 button finally displaying in Google Display Network Ads, and Bid-Per-Call.  My favorite of all of these is Google +1.  I like what Rampton writes here, “This is turning social recommendations and injecting them with steroids.”  That’s the truth.  If you +1 a website, it will now display in the ads you have recommended to people.  That’s really cool because like on other websites like YouTube or even Facebook, you can see that a million people have “+1′d” your banner ad or website.  To explain it a little more, Greg Sterling writes on Search Engine Land,

“What’s also interesting is that users don’t need to specifically endorse ads for their pluses appear on ads. Google’s Oestlien said that there’s a common infrastructure for social search/+1 on both the organic and paid sides. As a result user pluses in organic SERPs or on publisher sites away from Google will impact their appearance in paid search ads.

Here’s a concrete example: say I’m looking for places to stay in Lake Tahoe California for a family ski vacation. I visit a Marriott hotel site as part of my research and decide I like the hotel (so to speak). I then decide to click the +1 button on that Marriott page. If Marriott later incorporates the same URL in its paid search ad for Tahoe vacations my +1 will appear on that ad together with my name and avatar.”

Of course, not all advertisers want this feature, despite it’s popsicle-like coolness, so those wanting to opt out can go here, and fill out the form.  For Google to finally have this kind of integration is key.  It can only bolster search results and be viral in more personal way.  Much in the way Facebook’s banner ads that friends have liked appear on your page, Google’s +1 can have a similar effect.  Sometimes, you’re simply agreeing with someone.  Sometimes, it can lead to a whole new product, service, or website that you were previously unfamiliar with.  If it wasn’t for social media, I may have never found out about, Pandora, or  I would have never known that there was a movie called Paranormal Activity until it was released.  Ultimately, this can only serve to help advertisers.  I’m looking forward to the reports down the road on the actual impact.  I’m sure it’ll be nothing short of phenomenal.

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