Sinle post : Apple Teaches a Clinic on Revenue

Apple Teaches a Clinic on Revenue

It’s no surprise to anyone that Apple is one of the most profitable companies in the world.  Under Jobs, the company went from the verge of bankruptcy to the leader in cutting-edge, stylish products.  It’s hard these days to find a gadget or software without an “i” in front of it.  But just how profitable is the tech behemoth?

I was reading a Tech Crunch article by MG Siegler and the numbers shocked even me.  Siegler points out that a company of that size is not supposed to be growing that fast year over year.  Apple earned some $13.1B in profit, which is more than their entire revenue from Q4 2010.  So in other words, in less than 18 months, they’ve achieved that kind of growth.  Really?  Really.  Siegler notes:

“Back in July, we noted that while Apple was destroying their tech peers in profits, HP still held the revenue crown. Not anymore. HP’s last reported quarter (in November) saw the company announce $32.1 billion in revenue. They’ll report Q1 2012 earnings in about a month, but if history is any guide, Apple will be far, far ahead of both numbers. Likely well over $10 billion ahead.

It was only October of 2010 when Apple passed Microsoft in terms of revenue. At the time, Apple posted $20.34 billion — they’re well beyond double that now. Microsoft’s most recent quarter saw record revenue of $20.9 billion. Again, Apple came in at $46.33 billion.

Meanwhile, it was only April of last year that Apple surpassed Microsoft’s in profit. This past quarter, Microsoft’s net income was $6.62 billion. Apple’s was $13.06 billion.”

If that’s not enough to make you wanna go out and invent something really cool, I don’t know what is.  The article referenced above is fascinating, especially when someone notes that Apple is now worth more than the entire country of Greece…  I’d love to see just how their operating costs are so efficient, especially because they paid out third party developers $700M last quarter, which is more than double Yahoo’s PROFITS.  Grab the trash can, I’m gonna puke.  That’s just plain sick.  Even more cool is this chart, which shows how Apple is lumped in a class full of oil and gas companies in terms of highest quarterly profit.  (The chart also shows quarterly losses and how AIG, Fannie Mae, etc. got drilled recently…)  That’s quite impressive considering that oil companies kinda have a product we have to buy.  No one has to buy an iPhone or an iPad, but yet they are.  55 Million iPads to date for the company so far.  And as Tim Cook pointed out on their most recent call, the tablet market has now passed the desktop PC market.

I really liked my desktop…

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